Mike and Coco – A Rare Love Story

IMG_20171214_204419_048.jpgAll too often on this blog, I find myself whining and complaining about this autoimmune life.  So today, instead of focusing on the bad I’m gonna tell you a real life love story.  This is the story of Mike and Coco.

My early twenties were full of chaos and life-changing events.  I went from a failed marriage to a full-blown drug addiction in what seemed like a matter of weeks.  My life had spiraled out of control in more ways than one and I had somehow become a victim of domestic violence.  After ten months of being beaten I finally found my way out and moved to a town over 100 miles from home.  I was supposed to be moving in with a girlfriend of mine and starting a whole new life.  Upon arrival, I was informed that the apartment was no longer hers and that I would be sharing this apartment with 3 men.  I was absolutely terrified for my life and the lives of my children.  At the time my daughter was 4 years old and I had a 4-month old son.  We had already been through so much together and I just didn’t know how much more I could take.  I cried the whole first night in that apartment.

The next morning I woke up with the intention of figuring out what the Hell was going on here and what could possibly be done about this situation.  As I was standing outside smoking a cigarette, the landlord came by and informed me that if they (the tenants) did not add me to the lease I would not be allowed to stay there.  Panic ripped through every inch of my body as I tried to figure out what I was going to do.

IMG_20170921_203945_824-1.jpgIn what seemed like a moment from a dream, a giant of a man walked out of the door of the apartment and in that moment I realized that angels really do exist.  I looked up at this big, beautiful man and asked him, “Who are you and what do you know about what is going on here?”  His only response was, “You got a cigarette?”

We spent the rest of the day talking and laughing and have the time of our lives.  There was a point in the conversation that he looked in my eyes and I saw flames in his.  I said to him, “I feel like I’ve known you my whole life and every one before this.”  When he touched my arm electricity shot through my body.  In that moment I knew that I was his and would be for the rest of this life and hopefully every one that follows.  I called my mother 3 days later and told her that I met the man I’m going to spend the rest of my life with.

A few days later my abusive boyfriend showed up at the apartment and for a moment I was sure that he was going to kill me.  I looked at Michael with deer in the headlight eyes and he assured me that everything was going to be fine.  He was right.  I had never been safer in all of my life.  The abusive boyfriend became the ex in that very moment and we started the rest of our lives together.

IMG_20180202_202149_522.jpgHe proceeded to raise my daughter as if she were his, and legally adopted my then 4-month old son.  Six months later I found out I was pregnant again and we blended our family tree with the final branch.  Just before our youngest was born, Michael asked me to marry him.  He got on his knees and asked me on a busy street corner in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada.  I and a huge pregnant belly, a baby in a stroller and 4-year old Destiny yelling, “Tell him yes! Just say yes!”  Of course I said yes and on April 4, 2008 I became Mrs. Perrine.

Michael and I have been to Hell and back together.  We used and fought drug addictions that should have killed either or both of us.  We lost our children to Child Protective Services and fought our asses off to get them back and make sure that nothing like that would ever happen to us again.  I have found myself in many dangerous situations over the years, but each and every time my knight in shining armor has come to my rescue.  He hasn’t failed or faltered yet.

wp-1581373429060.jpgNow that I have reached the point in my autoimmune life that is causing me to be sick, I thank the Universal powers that be for putting this angel of a man in my life.  If it weren’t for him I don’t know where I would be or how I would survive.


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