20190703_152804.jpgChanges seems to be the theme of my week, and this time I’m not really talking about changes related to my autoimmune diseases.  It seems as if everything else has changed.  I went to work on Wednesday only to learn that I was terminated from my position.  Now, for most people that would have been a detrimental situation, but for me… I was actually relieved!  To be completely honest, that job was killing me.  I was experiencing flare after flare and enduring excruciating pain on a daily basis.  I’m looking at the loss of that job as a blessing and an opportunity to find a something more suited to my health requirements.

wp-15842044001848225950826145087410.jpgMy body  is still trying to recover from the month of overworking myself.  I’m fatigued both mentally and physically at this point, so I’ve been taking the time to rest my mind and my body.  Most people don’t realize how important the mind is as well as the body; one truly can control the other in my experience.  I took some time for self-care this week and cut and colored my hair.  I keep on joking that it was my sacrifice to the mental breakdown Gods, but really it was a much-needed change, and it has left me feeling better about the sudden changes in my life.

I finally found time to do some of the labs that one of my doctors have ordered, and I’m awaiting results now.  Depending upon said results, I may or may not be going into surgery soon.  I’m a bit nervous as to what the doctor will say or do next, but I realize that this is all par for the course in my autoimmune life.  Ah… the joys of being eternally sick!

mandy-hale-inspirational-quote.jpgSpring break has officially begun for my children, so I am busy trying to come up with things for us all to do together.  With the Coronavirus fiasco still going on, the state of Florida has decided to extend Spring break for an additional week, so that they have the time to sanitize and disinfect the schools.  I’m morbidly curious to see how far and to what extent this situation will reach.  Being an autoimmune warrior, I definitely appreciate the school district taking the time to cleanse our school system of this monster of a virus.

With all these changes, it’s amazing that I have not lost my mind yet.  For now I’m just enjoying every moment that I get to spend with my family and taking life one day at a time!  Stay strong out there my fellow autoimmune warriors… It’s starting to get a bit weird!


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