Coronavirus – I’m a Little Worried Now

wp-1583681436346639071209804699243.pngSome of you may have read my previous post, Coronavirus – Should I be Worried Yet?, and this one is a follow-up to that one.  You see, I’m starting to think that maybe I was not taking it serious enough at the time of the first post in this series.  Over the last couple of weeks, I have sat back with my mouth agape in absolute shock at what I am seeing.  Part of me just can’t believe the things that I am witnessing.

wp-15845709390643975653238121340876.jpgMany Americans have gone into “panic shopping” mode and have obliterated the wares of the local grocery and department stores.  As we are all too aware, there is suddenly a nationwide shortage of toilet paper.  Living in Florida, this is reminiscent of hurricane shopping that I am already accustomed to seeing every single year.  The elderly are afraid to go shopping as this virus tends to be more aggressive to those that are over 60 years old.

wp-15845707455186491088741416106901.jpgPeople are isolating or being quarantined.  My kids schools are closed down for at least a month and possibly for the rest of the school year.  We are suddenly looking into homeschool options at the recommendation of the president and other government officials.  This virus has quickly taken away any normalcy we had in our lives.  These are crazy times that we are living in and I never know what to expect from day-to-day.  For the first time in my life, I am glued to the news channel.


There is one part of this whole Coronavirus fiasco that is really bothering me, though.  It’s not the virus itself, the businesses closing or the panic shoppers.  It is the statement that I keep on hearing repeatedly, “Don’t worry, only the elderly and immune-compromised die from this.”  I understand that to the majority of the general public this is probably reassuring.  However, to me it is a detrimental thought.  I feel as if I am no more than a sacrifice to this disease.  I feel as if my life is so insignificant that the masses are comforted knowing it’s only people like me that will die from this.  I have spent the last couple of weeks wrestling with my frustrations over this statement, and I just had to say something!  So people, be nice and for goodness sake, quit talking about the vulnerable as if we are not right here with you, fearfully fighting for our lives!  Stay safe out there my fellow autoimmune warriors!

1 thought on “Coronavirus – I’m a Little Worried Now

  1. Girl you could not have spoken my mind more elegantly. I’ve been a lunatic with fear since the start of this before it veered too far from China. Soon as it jumped continents I panicked. I’ve been doing a slow stock for several weeks. In late February some odd behaviour and shopping habits that are completely out of my norm started up n managed to put me in a good position for bulk and filling foods like grains n some nonperishable items I dont usually buy cuz I’m a fresh produce all the way kinda person . Something was telling me I needed to stock or shop for all this crap i usually despise. This was weeks before I’d seen a single news report! And it saved me from the stupid ppl that dont realize a lot of the foods they stocked up are some people’s complete diets. Not just to eat healthy but because certain foods can harm them. It’s made my shopping even more difficult.

    And I’ve been trapped in my house for almost 2 weeks now. I locked down except to find out what my cough is about since I just started a biologic.

    I’m f***ing terrified!!


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