Anxiety in the New Era

wp-1584570746140641708904846754139.jpgIn these trying times with Coronavirus going around, anxiety in the general public is at an all time high.  For the first time, however, my anxiety is at an all-time low.  I live every single day of my autoimmune life in absolute fear of the common cold and flu getting me sick.  I have been on immune-suppressing drugs for years, so this is a valid every day fear for me.

I have been teased and taunted for my excessive use of hand sanitizer.  One time at the grocery store a lady very rudely asked me, “Was that was really necessary?” as she watched me use the cleaning wipes on my cart.  My feelings were pretty hurt, but that certainly did not stop me from doing what I needed to do to protect myself.  Now I sit back and watch nearly every single person sanitize their carts, and at my local Publix grocery store, clerks are actually sanitizing every single cart for their customers.  Oh, how the mighty tables have turned and everyone is living my daily Hell.

wp-15846286167034851032324581258312.jpgThe entire world seems to be glued to the news outlets lately, which I believe is only adding to the anxiety of the general public.  People everywhere are having the same conversations, Facebook is flooded with posts regarding Coronavirus, anxiety, and panic shopping.  Everywhere you look and everywhere you go, it is the same topic… Coronavirus.

I personally believe that it is time to take a little break from news, social media and all of the other anxiety-causing outlets that might exist in your life (if anxiety over Coronavirus is affecting you, that is).  Wash your hands, stay away from the sick, sanitize everything and live your life.  Most of us are living in towns that are temporarily closing down businesses.  Take advantage of this situation and spend time with your family. Catch up on those projects that have been on the back-burner for months ( I finally found time to crochet).  Teach your children how to cook or something similar, based upon their ages.  Get creative and find something to do other than stress about something that we all have very little control over.  And most importantly, check on the your neighbors and especially the elderly.  Shine a little light in this suddenly dark world.

Stay safe out there people and live and love in every moment that you can!


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