The Medical Marijuana Dilemma

images (2)I think it’s about time that we touch upon the subject of medical marijuana for the treatment and relief of chronic conditions.  This topic can tend to quickly ignite arguments and disagreements in some circles.  Until now I have always kept my opinion to myself, but it’s time for that to change.

First and foremost, let me start by saying that I am pro medical marijuana.  If this is a subject that offends you, let me advise you to skip out on reading this post.  Now… when I talk about medical marijuana, I’m not talking about the kids that are getting high for fun;  I’m talking about the Army Vet with PTSD, and the autoimmune warrior fighting daily pain, and the cancer patient that needs it for the excruciating nausea caused by chemotherapy treatments.  I’m talking about the legally sanctioned (in some states) use of marijuana for management of various medical and mental health conditions.

c8bf5030-f804-499e-bad5-197620173d91I have just moved to the lovely state of Washington, where marijuana use is legal for anyone that is over 21 years old, regardless of medical need.  It is sold similar to alcohol and tobacco.  Since my recent relocation, I have finally been free to try the local fare and let me tell y’all… Marijuana has been a game changer for me.  My liver pain, nausea, joint and muscle pain have all been helped immensely.  My anxiety has also benefited from my recent use of marijuana and I am thanking the Gods that I have been heard.

images (3)I’m hard-headed on certain subjects, and I absolutely do not want to take narcotic pain medications at this stage of my diseases.  I know that realistically, one day I will likely have no choice and require said medications.  However, I plan to hold off on that for as long as humanly possible.  And as long as marijuana is legal and accessible to me, I have no need to become just another statistic in the Opioid Battle that is wreaking havoc in this world and in this country.

downloadThe autoimmune life is an uphill battle, and many choices have to be made along the way.  Medical marijuana does not work for everybody.  When I was first diagnosed, my rheumatologist recommended it but said that it only helps 30%  of patients.  I laughed and asked if I could be part of that 30%.  We both had a good laugh and he referred me for medical marijuana.  I was, indeed, part of the elite third that was helped by it.  I feel for anybody that it does not help.  I don’t think I would ever make it through my high pain flare days, or my PTSD panic attacks.

wp-15871485673394796848576297896598.jpgI know there are probably at least a few of you on my page that don’t agree with my opinion here, and that’s perfectly fine with me.  My intention here is not to persuade anybody toward or against the use of medical marijuana.  I just wanted to share with you all how much this has helped me, and if I can help just one person by sharing my story, than it was well worth the potential judgment and nay-sayers.

Stay strong my warriors!  Love and light always!


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