The Spoon Theory

37b29f28-0949-493e-a7da-8f3b4556387c-2852-0000015741185695After an interesting conversation today, I decided to share with all of my readers “The Spoon Theory” by Christine Miserandino.  I’m not going to quote the whole thing here, but I have included the link here if you care to read the original.

Basically Christine Miserandino has found a way to express the energy limitations of those who are autoimmune or have chronic conditions/diseases, or in the case of the original author, Lupus .  You start each day with a certain number of spoons.  Each activity that you do costs you at least a spoon, some activities require more and the amount of spoons can vary from one person to the next.  The theory also allows for you to borrow some of tomorrow’s spoons, but then you will have less and you will have more pain and fatigue if you do too much today.

bced0e45-0313-487e-8d56-082eed215e43I have just started a 21 day program that is supposed to help you learn how to manage your energy better by applying the spoon theory to your life.  It is being done by The Real Life Show, wherever you get your podcasts from.  So far I am really enjoying the chance to learn more about my energy levels as this is something that I, and most other spoonies, struggle with on a daily basis.  If you or someone you know has chronic illness, you should really check them out!  They have episodes for caregivers as well as the spoonie.

84569279-c0c8-42a2-9b5c-2f63268a2a80Once again I will say how truly blessed I am to have an extremely supportive family that will jump in and help me save my spoons.  Even my 2 teenage sons have proven to be a huge help in acclimating to my autoimmune life.  It has been an adventure for all of us and I wouldn’t choose it to be any other way.  In a sense, I think that my medical battle has brought us closer as a family.  My boys are turning into fine young men that take good care of their mama.  I couldn’t be prouder of them both!

7a9066f5-9cd8-4965-8bef-f0b31a4c5ee4Earlier this week, my oldest son turned 14.  I had to save as many spoons as I could just to get through buying the supplies, making a cake and cooking a decent meal to celebrate.  I had to borrow spoons, and am still feeling the effects of the day.  It gets tough when you have to plan out and prepare for every single aspect of your day and the energy that it is going to cost you.  In just under two years, I have already learned this very important fact.  It sucks, but if you apply the spoon theory to your life, you CAN learn how to conserve your energy.

Stay strong fellow spoonies and loved ones!

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