c031beed-0bff-4c09-9d02-b82f075d828e-27553-00000aa8fd19ee90If you’ve spent any time on social media this week, you have certainly noticed an increase in the hashtag #SaveOurChildren, which is an attempt to draw attention to child and human trafficking.  Now, before I even get started on my little tangent, let me start by saying that I am all for saving the children. Hell yes!  Save them!  Save them all!  And don’t stop until they are all home!

I’ll be the first one to admit that I was not “on the bandwagon” of sharing posts and hashtags quite as soon as everyone else was, and I certainly have not posted very much about the child and human trafficking travesty that is occurring in our country and even in our world right now.  In fact, I have only shared a couple of posts on the subject so far, and I have my reasons why.  Being a survivor of child sexual abuse has made it very difficult for me to take part in these efforts.  I’m still mad that nobody saved me when they could have, and that is something that I am working on.

img_0630The amount of children that are kidnapped and trafficked each year is astounding, and what’s worse is that is seems as though the government is doing very little if anything to rectify this problem.  If you are not outraged by this, you have some serious issues that you need to deal with.

There is one aspect of this movement that nobody else seems to realize.  This entire movement is a trigger for those of us that were sexually abused as children.  Everywhere I look there are posts about children being raped, molested and abused.  I can not seem to escape the constant reminders and triggers that I am suddenly facing on a daily basis. This entire movement has made me relive memories that I had long ago locked away, and it has turned my life into a living Hell.  Don’t think that I’m not all for saving the children – because I am 100% invested in saving all of the children.  I just don’t see why I need a daily reminder that I, too, was sexually abused as a child, and needed saving that never came.

img_0631If you truly want to save the children, there are many things that you can do.  First off, volunteer your time and/or donate money to the causes that directly find these children.  There are organizations all over the world that are a part of rescue efforts, and a quick search will yield many different options for you to assist in finding these precious children.  I recognize that I can’t do much physically, but I plan to donate what money I can raise to this and other causes and I highly recommend that you do the same if you are able.  Gods Bless each and every one of them until they are all home!

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