Almost two years ago, I sat here and wrote my first ever blog post, The Journey Begins.  I had just been diagnosed with two rather serious autoimmune diseases, and I was out of my mind with fear and anxiety.  I was depressed for over a year, psychotic for a short period of time, and I walked through a darkness that almost consumed me.  I look at my life now and it’s hard to believe that I was that person just two years ago.

Every ugly emotion that could be felt, was felt by me.  There was a period of about 4 or 6 months that I was just a monster.  I fought an internal rage on a daily basis, and usually lost that battle.  My family was terrified of me and terrified for me and what I was dealing with.  All the while, my husband stayed faithfully by my side.  As much as I hate to publicly admit the things that I put him through, it must be said in the hopes that it might help someone else battling similar demons.


Today, I am once again filled with more love and light and less dark and dreary.  I am filled with gratitude for the first two years of my autoimmune life and all of the lessons that this journey has brought to me.  I am now much calmer and wiser than ever before and for that I am grateful.

wp-15845707513473812399528731783014.jpgI no longer keep a job and that has been a difficult adjustment for me.  My husband supports me and I’m blessed to be in a position where I can stay home with our kids while he works.  This has brought me a wonderful opportunity to work on my Etsy shop, tarot readings and writing.  I enjoy my days working on several projects and taking care of my boys.  Life is good now and for the first time ever, I am looking forward to what is to come.

Brightest Blessings everyone!

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