Brain Fog

img_1137-1In my various autoimmune support groups, I often hear the term “brain fog”.  I did not understand the concept when I first began this journey, but unfortunately that has changed.  It’s more of a new symptom for me right now, and let me tell you… it’s kind of scary.

My whole life I have had an amazing memory.  Some would call it an eidetic memory, but I personally don’t care for labels.  Memorizing various numbers, words and pictures was always a breeze for me, so when that changed it set off quite an internal alarm for me.  In the past, I could recall a picture in my mind of whatever I was trying to remember, whether it was numbers, words or where an item last was.  Now, it feels like there is a blanket over the picture so to say.  It literally feels “foggy” for lack of a better term.

Brain fog can exhibit itself in many different ways.  Some days I forget to take my medicine… Okay, if I’m being honest here, I forget it most mornings, but always remember it at night.  Sometimes brain fog makes it difficult for me to remember conversations that I have had, or upcoming events.  Last week I missed an important appointment because I had no memory of it, and I had forgotten to put it in my calendar.  Sometimes it’s embarrassing… I went from being the one that literally remembers everything, to the one that can’t remember anything at all.  I have to write everything down and keep appointments and reminder alerts set on my phone just to be able to make it through the day!

img_0953Brain fog can be caused by inflammation, blood sugar fluctuations, gut issues, etc.  In the case of autoimmune disease, the immune system attacks healthy tissues which causes chronic inflammation.  Over time, this inflammation reaches the brain and causes what we refer to as “brain fog”.  In the case of liver disease, the concern with brain fog is hepatic encephalitis, which is inflammation of the brain caused by liver disease or damage, and the only real reason that I am concerned at all.

Now that I am personally dealing with this phenomenon, it makes me wonder if this is indicative of my diseases progressing or if this is a new medical condition that is developing.  For about a year it seemed like every time I went to the doctor I was diagnosed with some new, rare disease.  I’m almost scared to tell my medical team about this for fear of some new diagnosis.  Sometimes ignorance IS bliss.



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2 thoughts on “Brain Fog

  1. Girl you should call me. Ur writing my history. Its scares me to see you go thru all this. And I have way too much advice for you to put here. Call me girl cuz ive even found a lot of shit that will help you. Its already helping me. And since a lot of this has to do with ur liver a lot of what im doing will help you for sure! Im in a restart process as my original path to freedom was interrupted by life drama and an unexpected week long road trip that screwed my diet up for over a month due to cash flow but I’m in gut reset mode right now before I redo the cleanse and healing shit. Everything I find out I can tell you. Also I can ask my naturopath anything you may want to know! Shes the keenest medical professional that cant legally practice medicine in the state of Tennessee or Mississippi due to stupid ass laws of what the government considers medicine. And the lengthy list of conditions and issues along with the medications that always come with it… i worry for you so much girl and my heart aches for you!
    Miss u much and love you more!
    Ps u can pm me on FB or IG for my number


  2. Also don’t wver get down about all this! Ur a fighter for sure and girl the body can heal ITSELF! You should know from ur spiritual path alone the power of energy. Thats all the body is! And I know just the people that have just the right stuff to help you! And none of it will be toxic or have any kind of side effects none. At all. Whatsoever. Nada! Some of the cost sucks ass but if u take into consideration the fact that I have over $500,000 in medical debt not to mention the bazillion and a half ive already paid in hospital bills, medications, “new and innovative treatments” tests, appointments, missed work, NO WORK, AND BASICALLY MY LIFE IN GENERAL, its worth scripting and not spoiling myself for a while. Cuz the cost later will be from the pockets of big pharma not mine as ill be healthy. Can’t make money off the healthy. Anyway
    KEEP UR HEAD UP GIRL! If u need an autoimmune experienced ear im always just a chat away! You got this! And always ask more questions than you get answers! There’s more info out there than any small handful of “specialists” can every tell you. They don’t even know it themselves! But more and more people are coming out with more and more ways to heal, especially NATURALLY! And one thing those of us in our spiritual community love most is Nature! She has all we need! Dont let the medical life get in your head! You got this girl!


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