A Lesson in Gratitude

Excuse me while I use this blog to vent for a moment, but the medical discrimination in my life has reached a whole new level.    You see, my family and I had a sudden housing emergency a couple of weeks ago, so we packed into a motel room until we can figure out what’s next.  We checked into the Apple Tree Inn and Motel in Spokane, Washington.  Let me tell y’all… I absolutely do NOT recommend staying at that place.  Due to Coronavirus and the fact that I am immune-compromised, I asked them to skip the housekeeping in my room.  The management would not agree to that, so my husband took my medical note from my doctor to the office, so that they would see why I don’t want them in there.  Once they found out that I am sick, they decided that they did not want us renting there anymore.  I was treated like absolute crap by the management team.  They put my family of 6 out on the streets the day before Thanksgiving!  Ok. Rant over.

We could only find a Motel 6 that was willing to rent us a room (we have a rather large family unit for single motel rooms).  The room that we are in does not have a kitchenette in it, so Thanksgiving was not in our plans.  Lucky for us, my mom bought us a pre-made Thanksgiving dinner – Shout out to her for that!  When my husband returns this evening from work, we will have a meal after all and for a moment, something to be thankful for.

It’s only in times like this that you realize what the true meaning of the holiday is.  It’s not about a huge spread of food or a fancy get-together with all of your friends and extended family.  It’s about family and gratitude.  This year, with Coronavirus going on, everyone is having to adjust their plans.  Here in Washington state, we are under a mandatory lockdown.  We are not allowed to go visit family and people have been asked to report their neighbors for violating this order.  We have lived here for almost a year, and still have no friends to go visit, so this is very easy for my family to comply with.

I’m not writing this for sympathy, so please don’t blow me up with comments about my current situation.  I do not wallow in sorrow for what is happening with me and my family.  This is just an obstacle that we must get through.  In dealing with this whole ordeal, I have been able to give myself a reason to be thankful.  Yesterday, we thought that we were going to have to go to a homeless shelter.  Today we are all in a motel together, getting ready to share a Thanksgiving meal.  Life is good even amidst the messes I keep getting into. 


Stay strong people!  Life is messy out there.  Love and Light now and always.



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