15 years: A Late Anniversary Post

My autoimmune life got the best of me yesterday, and today I feel terrible about it.  You see, yesterday was one of the two anniversaries that my husband and I celebrate religiously, and for a variety of reasons we were unable to celebrate.  I had grand plans to write a big, sappy post declaring my unending love for him, but my chronic pain got the better of me.  He originally had plans to take me out to a nice dinner and whatnot, but the state of Washington is on lockdown until December 14.  Coronavirus has officially affected both of our anniversaries this year.  

Michael and I are now entering our 15th year together, and sometimes I am amazed that we have made it this far.  Our lives were a struggle long before chronic illness struck me, and this man has stayed by my side through thick and thin.  We have survived circumstances that were meant to kill us, but through all the years we have persevered, and always will.  For 15 years, this is the hand that has held mine. This is the man that has healed my broken heart, kept me safe and now carries me through this autoimmune life that I was cursed with.  

Most recently, my loving husband and best friend has picked up the slack and allowed me to take care of myself and my health, rather than continue trying to work with so many health issues that affect my ability to do so.  He has started working 60 or more hours a week, paying all of the bills, running errands for me and joining me at every single medical appointment.  He goes without sleep just to meet my demanding schedule and needs.  The Gods could not have blessed me with a better man and I wouldn’t change what I have with him for the world.  

Over the last two years, my autoimmune life has changed me in so many ways, and has formed me into a completely different person.  I have had to learn to cope with so many changes… diet, exercise, medication, massive appointments, etc.  Through it all, Michael stays by my side with love and compassion… much more compassion than I deserve sometimes and for that I am eternally grateful.  

Happy late anniversary to the love of my life (and probably one of the few people that will actually read this blog post).  I love you forever and a day and I appreciate you for everything that you add to my life.  

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