Meet My Tribe: My Destiny

I spend so much time talking about my autoimmune life, but now I think it’s time to introduce you to my tribe.  One can not easily survive the life of chronic illness without a support system, and with this being the season of gratitude, I would like to share the people that I am grateful for.

I’ll start off with my daughter, Destiny.  Destiny is my first-born, the one that made me a mother, and the only daughter that I have.  The bond that I have with her is like no other, I’m certain that’s because she is my only girl.  I have watched Destiny grow up and mature into the young woman that she is today, and I couldn’t be more proud of her.  She is fierce, determined and will stand up for any injustice that she sees (sometimes to a fault).

Destiny just recently joined us here in Washington state,  and I could not be more pleased to have her and her fiancé, Jacob, back at home with us.  Destiny is a few years older than each of my sons, and she spent a lot of time taking care of her brothers when they were babies.  As soon as she got home, she fell right back into the routine of taking care of them (and now me, too).  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again I’m sure… I hate that my kids have to take care of me.  We’re supposed to take care of them, not the other way around, but I am immensely grateful that I have the kind of kids that wouldn’t have it any other way.

Destiny and Jacob are both a huge part of my little tribe. It’s not only Destiny that takes care of me – Jacob does as well. He might not do the physical parts of taking care of me, but he works and pays bills here so that I can stay home and take care of myself and the children, and whether he knows it or not, I appreciate everything that he does for us. He has become a permanent part of this family already, and I could not be happier with Destiny’s choice in a mate.

When you love someone with chronic illness you give up the little things that you had planned for your life. Destiny should be going to school or working on a career, but instead she’s taking care of me.  It’s one Hell of a sacrifice, especially for somebody so young.  I’m not even old enough to have this many medical problems, let alone require my children to be my caregivers.  Even with all of the emotional garbage that my health brings, I remain grateful and blessed to have each and every one of my tribe in my life.

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