It’s All In My Head – A Neurology Update

I met with a new doctor yesterday… a neurologist.  I have been referred to him for my chronic migraines.  After waiting several months for an appointment, I finally had my consultation.  Although I have suffered and struggled with migraines since I was a toddler, this was the first time that I have ever seen someone specifically for migraines.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I’m still not so sure how I feel about the whole thing.

The doctor was extremely thorough, and was concerned with all of the organ systems, not just where it relates to neurology and/or migraines.  My appointment was supposed to be no more than an hour, but it ended up going on for over two hours!  After answering what felt like a million questions, it was recommended that I undergo Botox injections.  Now, I have heard of this treatment before, but I have never studied it.

From what I was told at the doctor’s office, they will inject up to 30 shots into the muscles around my head and neck.  Having fibromyalgia complicates this procedure, as my neck and shoulders are extremely affected.  Plus, fibromyalgia causes increased pain and is likely adding to my migraines.  After the initial treatment session, I will have to have this repeated every three months.  I don’t think that my anxiety is gonna let me go through with all of that… on a repeating basis… forever!

Y’all… I’ve got emotions that are all over the place about this procedure.  First of all… I struggle with severe medical anxiety and I have hardly been able to breathe since learning of the doctor’s recommendation.  I’m not all that fond of any medical procedure, but one that involves needles being stabbed into my face has me freaking out!  Since we are currently awaiting approval from the insurance, I’ve got time to get this figured out, but if I let my anxiety win I will be stuck with migraines forever!  Pray for me y’all!  This is gonna be a tough one for me.

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