Gone Too Soon: A Memorial Post

imageI suffered a loss last week, a Covid-19 loss and it was my first.  A dear old friend of mine passed away from the virus.  Of course, it was not the virus that killed her.  She, like me, had immune issues… preexisting conditions as they like to call it.  She was also in need of a kidney and pancreas  transplant.  I had just spoken with her, telling her that if they will take it I would give her mine.  She didn’t live long enough to receive the gift of life.  Covid-19 took my friend and a piece of my heart with it.

I was crushed the moment that I learned of her passing.  I had just sent her a message checking on her the day before she passed away.  She never even saw the message.  Her husband informed me by way of a Facebook post.  And there has not been one single post about her since.  Today is her birthday and hardly a word has been spoken.  It was as if she just disappeared and nobody noticed.  She died alone in a hospital and not one single person is saying a word about it.  This is the reality of the virus… people are dying alone and unnoticed.  


Until my friend’s death, I had zero plans on getting the Coronavirus vaccine.  I was dead against it for me as it has not been tested on those with autoimmune issues, and we were excluded from the trials.  Having a liver disease makes it very important to have caution with anything and everything that I put into my body.  Well… after losing my friend, I just might go and get that shot.  The possibility of getting sick has got to outweigh the possibility of death by Coronavirus.

Hug your loved ones and hold them a little tighter tonight.  This virus is no joke and it’s not going away anytime soon.  Love and light now and always.  Rest in Peace my sweet friend and happy heavenly birthday…  Until we meet again…

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