Pain Therapies – Physical Therapy

7119ed8b-2b3d-44f8-ab29-d1ba9f3170f3Today’s post is going to be a bit more geared towards the women, so men… y’all may want to scroll on by this one.  As I have mentioned previously in this blog, I suffer with excruciating pelvic pain.  I am finally in the process of getting it all figured out and possibly having a hysterectomy.  My doctor recommended trying physical therapy for pelvic pain before we make a decision to have a major surgery that may or may not be necessary.  When I first heard that the doctor was recommending physical therapy… I thought she was a quack!  I had never in all of my years of suffering with this pain heard of physical therapy for it.  I’m still extremely skeptical, but I did decide to give it a go.

b7f449d6-949e-4457-9771-a0a6b17414ecSo for the first appointment, I underwent the most invasive, uncomfortable exam of my life.  If I never have to endure that again it will be too soon!  The exam did, however, show my physical therapist which muscle sets may be having issues and now we know what stretches to try out.  Although I am skeptical, I am begrudgingly going to go through with the ten visits recommended.

For my second appointment, which was yesterday, it went much smoother.  My physical therapist is an amazing woman who is really, really good at dealing with me and my medical anxiety.  She’s very calming with a soothing voice and incorporates a lot of deep breathing into the stretches, and honestly I think that will help me more than the actual stretches will.  Surprisingly, most of the stretches that she showed me were not new to me at all.  I used to be a fitness fanatic (before I got sick) and I used most of those stretches before any exercise.  That said, I’m even more skeptical that this will help as I am already doing most of the things that she is recommending me to do.  If these stretches can help, wouldn’t they have already done so?

c86731d6-7733-4198-8315-6dd84380f282Living the autoimmune life is getting harder and harder for me.  There are so many days now that I just feel like giving up.  Every time I turn around I’m being sent to another specialist, for a new pain therapy.  It’s getting harder and harder to stay positive.  Pray for me y’all!  I’ve still got such a long road ahead of me.

Stay blessed autoimmune warriors and loved ones.  Love and light now and always.

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