Pain Therapies: Medical Marijuana

img_2490You may remember reading my post, The Medical Marijuana Dilemma, which I posted several months ago.  My opinion has not changed much, but there have been some new developments for my lately.  As most of you know, I am no stranger to pain.  I suffer with chronic, constant, nagging, enraging pain on a daily basis and marijuana (usually) helps me.

Up until recently, I had been using marijuana flower and cartridges exclusively.  They were working okay, but not great.  A couple of months ago, my pain got so bad that marijuana was not touching it – at all!  My doctor made the decision to prescribe opiate pain relievers to be used in addition to the marijuana.  I was not 100% pleased with this decision, but I was also tired of the constant pain.  After just a couple of months of using these pain pills, I am already starting to fear addiction.

img_2489Recently, someone introduced me to marijuana dabs.  I’ve been hearing about the dab and rigs, as they call them, but I’m a bit older and not really into the new ways these kids are coming up with to smoke marijuana.  I’m just a sick person fighting chronic illness seeking pain relief.  Well y’all… please excuse me while I remove my foot from my mouth because I was so, so, so wrong.  I started “dabbing” just a few days ago, and I have not needed a pain pill since!  I am still partially in disbelief.  If you are like me and struggling with pain and live where there is medical or recreational marijuana, talk to your doctor about this!

There is still such a stigma surrounding medical marijuana and that is really a sad fact.  At this point, we have so much data and testing that proves the benefits of this drug outweigh the side effects of pharmaceuticals and yet we all still have to be so secret about it.  If you live in a legal state… give it a try.  You just might be as pleasantly surprised as I am!  And stigma or no… I will scream from every roof top what has helped me in the hopes of helping others like me.


Medical marijuana has come so far that you can literally eat it, drink it, smoke it, vape it.  You can use tinctures that go under your tongue.  There are drinks in the dispensaries that are cannabis infused.  They even make hand creams and lotions with THC in them.  Once I even bought the oil and made brownies that were great for pain relief. The possibilities are endless!

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