Testing, Testing

88ee9c85-d47c-44c2-a11c-58d152de4d81As you may recall from my recent post, Miracles: A PBC Update, my Fibroscan results were amazing.  I spoke with my doctor earlier this week about it, and she wants me to have a liver biopsy done now.  At this point, my results are so great that she is not even sure that I have PBC.  The liver biopsy is supposed to be the definitive diagnostic method in my case.  Apparently, this is also how they diagnose autoimmune hepatitis, which commonly overlaps with PBC.  My nerves are so worked up over this already.  It’s a scary procedure because occasionally there are bad side effects or complications it.  I know of quite a few gals in my support group that have had issues from a liver biopsy, so I have good reason for being fearful – this time!

4fc664b4-82ae-49db-8414-e5eb15e21d00Normally, finding out that you might not have a disease that is killing you would be really great news, but for this pessimist, I am afraid to be happy yet.  I won’t let myself believe anything until these tests confirm it once and for all.  I feel like after two years I am still sitting in limbo and I am so ready for it to end, but more testing means more battles with my medical anxiety, and that I am certainly not looking forward to.  I’m really freaking out y’all!

In addition to the liver biopsy, I received a voicemail that they are ready to schedule the swallow test that my rheumatologist wants me to have done.  I will also be scheduling the echocardiogram that he wants.  Whew!  There is really a lot that my doctors all want done.  Each doctor wants one or two things, which normally is no big deal, but when you have 13 doctors and specialists you never get a break from tests and appointments.  I’m at my wit’s end with all of the upcoming obligations that I have right now.  Pray for me y’all!  I’m going through so much more than what I write about here.


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