It’s Just A Bad Day, Not A Bad Life

It’s been a week since I had my liver biopsy, and I gotta tell y’all… It still freaking hurts!  They chose the “intercostal approach” which means that they went between my ribs.  There is still some swelling in the area, but nothing to be concerned about.  I still have a bruise, but even that doesn’t look as bad as it feels.  I think it’s hurting me so much more because I have fibromyalgia and my ribs are affected by it.  I am still waiting on my biopsy results, and to be honest, it’s driving me crazy waiting this long.  I have never been much of a patient person and this is pushing me to my limits!  Depending on these results, I might get a semi-normal life back.  The wait is killing me…

As if the flare-up from the biopsy wasn’t enough, I have spent most of the week fighting the worst pelvic flare of my life.  This is far worse than any other pain that I have ever suffered with.  My pain medications are not even touching it this time, and I am almost tempted to go to the emergency room.  My loving husband has ordered me to stay off of my feet today to try and rest, but I’m stubborn and hard-headed so the ultimate battle is about to begin in my house.  

This is a pretty cold week here in Washington state, and my Raynaud’s has made itself known lately.  I did start a new medication for my Raynaud’s.  I’ve been on Nifedipine for just over a month now and so far it has reduced my Raynaud’s attacks by about half, which to me is absolutely amazing!  I could not be happier to share the good news, either.  I still get super cold, but my hands don’t hurt as much or change colors as often.  My hubby surprised me with some amazing new socks and I’m letting everyone know about them.  The company is called Muk Luks.  For the record, I gain nothing if you order through this link.  I’m just so impressed with their socks that I am sharing it with anyone who tends to stay cold.  So, if that’s you – check them out.  


My depression is kicking into high gear with all of the pain that I’m in right now.  I’m really trying to hold it all together today but it’s hard sometimes.  I am blessed that even on my bad days I have the love of my family carrying me through.  I am not on this journey alone, although sometimes it is a very lonely journey.  The best thing about bad days is that they have to end, and I will be glad when this one does. 


Thanks for holding space for me to vent y’all.  Love and light to each and every one of you!

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