Oh, My Heart: A Cardiology Update

For the last couple of months, I have been having some really crazy symptoms.  I’ve been dizzy, passing out, low blood pressure, high heart rate, etc. and it’s really been freaking me out.  Also, I have lost a bunch of weight in the last few months… over 40 pounds without trying to lose weight!  Over the last week or so, my blood pressure has started to go high.  I can’t catch a break either way.

So, after all of the concerning symptoms, I finally got into a cardiology consult.  Honestly, they got me in much sooner than I had anticipated which was great.  My anxiety about my recent symptoms was calmed quite a bit after talking to the cardiologist.  He listened to my heart and says that he does not hear anything to be concerned about, but since my heart rate was so fast while I was in his office, he decided to order some cardiac tests.

I’m being referred for several tests now.  If you know anything about me it’s that I have severe medical anxiety and just the thought of all of these tests is just too much for me right now.  None of the tests are invasive, yet I still have anxiety about it.  He wants to do a 48 hour heart monitor, a carotid ultrasound and an echocardiogram.  My heart rate was so fast while I was in the office, they did an EKG right then and there.  The results of the EKG showed absolutely nothing, so I don’t think that I have too much to worry about.  Out of an abundance of caution, I will go through with the testing just to say that I did it.  When it comes to matters of the the heart, it’s best to take precautions.

Through all of the craziness and excess appointments, my husband is still my rock, my heart, my best friend and the love of my life.  He never misses an appointment or procedure.  He’s always there to pick me up off the ground, cheer me up, help me with whatever I need.  I know how blessed I am to have him in my life, I just hope that he knows it, too.  Being the guy in the background and taking second chair to my autoimmune life is no easy feat.  Yet somehow he always manages to be there and do any and every little thing that I need him to.  I thank the Universe every single day for putting that man on my path.

Stay strong autoimmune warriors and friends and family.  Love and light now and always!

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