Another Day, Another Doctor: A Rheumatology Update

9225805b-f478-4fd2-a500-a9652e9b3a6bAnother day, another doctor.  That basically sums up my life lately.  It’s almost every weekday that I have some kind of an appointment and that has become so exhausting.  Today’s appointment was with my new rheumatologist, Dr. Courtney.  She and I share a first name which is not all that common in my experience.  I don’t do well with male doctors, so Dr. Courtney will be my rheumatologist and just consult with the specialist as needed for my case.  I have all of the confidence in this particular doctor, and the fact that she is a nurse practitioner does not bother me one bit.

c508d595-be2c-4bf4-895c-4a8f1f2314faWe went over a lot of the testing that was ordered last time.  I got most of it done in just three months and she was quite impressed with me for that.  We went over tests that were ordered by other doctors, too.  I got good news for the first time since this all started.  Dr. Courtney looked up the results of my Pulmonary Function Test.  I was at 123% which she said is better than hers!  She was originally telling me not to smoke marijuana anymore and to use edibles or tinctures instead, then she saw my results and said, “Nevermind!  I can’t even tell you not to smoke these numbers are so good!”  I laughed all the way to the dispensary.

c8550996-05ba-46cd-b59f-f0f393a33146Dr. Courtney is recommending that I have a Plaquenil Eye Exam done to be sure that this particular medication is not causing any eye damage to me – yet.  If there is no damage, she wants to double my dose and put me on the highest that she is allowed to prescribe.  I’m not sure how I feel about it.  If this medication is so dangerous to the eyes that I need to be checked yearly, why are we trying to double the dose instead of find another alternative?  Medicine just doesn’t make sense to me sometimes.

a58a55fc-f146-4bb7-a67d-81cfd5170b78I had a lot of anxiety going into the appointment because this office does not allow for visitors due to their Covid restrictions.  They are the only doctor’s office that does this to me and it is extremely frustrating.  I actually had to take my anti-anxiety medicine before I even left my house because I had stressed myself out so bad about it.  I’m always embarrassed to admit that I require that kind of help with my anxiety.  My husband saw me spiraling today and insisted on it.  Bless his heart!  That’s probably the only thing that got me through the appointment.

All-in-all, today was a pretty decent day.  I got to spend the day with my love, and even managed to have a walk downtown today.  Exercise is something that I haven’t gotten much of since it’s been too cold for me to be outside with Raynaud’s, so it was really nice to be able to do it.  It helped that I had to park a half mile away from the appointment and walk there and back!  I’m definitely not complaining, though.  I love getting outside in the sunshine and walking around a bit.  It was a little difficult with my dizziness, but Michael wouldn’t let me fall.  I miss being able to take daily walks, but I’m working on these issues so that I can get back to that.

68117d96-7325-45ad-a37a-0e1f27bcb8a6As always, a huge shout-out goes to my amazing husband!  He got up early on his day off to take me to this appointment that he’s not even allowed to join me for.  He wouldn’t wait at the car a half mile away.  He walked it with me and waited outside in the hall until I was done.  He sat there so long the poor ole guy fell asleep!  I am so blessed to have someone like this in my life and I wish that every single spoonie could have the same support that I have in my autoimmune life.

Stay strong autoimmune warriors and friends and family!  Love and light now and always!

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