One Hell of a Day: My Third EGD

52c3f58a-b45d-460e-9961-af3964307633After months of starving myself due to a failing esophagus, I finally got the surgery to (hopefully) repair the issue.  This was my third EGD, but the most difficult for me so far.  I’m no stranger to this procedure or the effects and recovery time of it, but this one threw me through a loop!  I’m still not sure how I feel about it all…

I had the typical medical anxiety that I have before any and every single procedure that I have ever had done, but that wasn’t it.  I fully medicated myself per my doctor’s orders.  I was only mildly restricted on what I could eat and drink, so that was not an issue.  I felt quite unsettled prior to the procedure.  I had a really bad feeling that I just couldn’t shake.  I usually don’t feel quite this way before a procedure, but this time was different.  It nagged at me so long and hard that I even told Michael that I was having a really bad feeling.  He reminded me once again that I don’t have to do this, that it was my choice and we can leave right now if I want to.  I chose to stay.


a184d9b0-3d8a-4e71-a27d-8ca9a3dc0266Prepping me for any procedure always takes medical staff longer than usual.  Having Raynaud’s complicates the IV process for even the most seasoned nurses and technicians.  Usually they have to bring out the “vein finder” and use an ultrasound to find my veins.  This time that was not the case.  The nurse that did the IV was able to get it on the first try, which is nearly amazing in my experienced opinion.  They gave me fluids and then we waited for them to come and get me for surgery.

df92b4d1-e03f-4886-babc-54a6c1b93697Once they took me in for surgery, I started to have issues.  For one, my anxiety was suddenly much worse.  They rushed through the rest of the process, but had trouble with the anesthesia.  I wouldn’t go to sleep.  I remember counting on my own and getting down to zero and still I was awake!  I did this a few more times before they were able to be successfully put to sleep for the procedure.  I don’t remember coming out of surgery or anything else until Michael was there soothing me.  Apparently, I had quite a difficult time coming out of the anesthesia.  I was thrashing around, crying hysterically and hyperventilating while still unconscious, but I do not remember any of that.  The nursing staff was extremely worried about me for a minute there, but I didn’t put it all together until the anesthesiologist came out and apologized for having to give me so much Propofol, which is the anesthetic that they used on me for this procedure.

f8136376-7259-413e-a8e4-043238c973aeThe doctor came out and gave me pictures that he took of the inside of my esophagus and stomach.  He told me that he took several biopsies and I will receive all of the results in about two weeks.  There wasn’t anything too concerning to him, and he did let me know that he dilated me with the same one that he used last time, the 60 French (I believe that’s what he said).  I’m a bit concerned that it’s not going to have the desired effect since he used the same one as last time and that never corrected the problem before.  Time will tell…

I woke up this morning with a killer sore throat, but other than that and the fatigue, I have no major complaints.  As far as eating since the procedure, my throat hurts too much for me to even consider eating anything yet.  I’ll give it a go by tonight and hopefully my newly stretched esophagus will cooperate with me.


I’d like to give a huge shout out to my friend and neighbor, Miss Amy, who took the time out of her day to drive me back and forth to this procedure.  And also to my amazing, loving husband who, once again, never left my side.  That man is my world, my rock, my everything and I would not be able to survive this autoimmune life without him.

Stay safe autoimmune warriors and friends!  Love and light now and always!

1 thought on “One Hell of a Day: My Third EGD

  1. Amy Ann Micheale Nelson July 23, 2021 — 1:58 pm

    Awww thanks lady that’s what friends are for! I got your back love you lady you rock!

    Liked by 1 person

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