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f6bed9e4-deba-429d-8b09-f81c39348074My name is Courtney and this is my blog.  I’m currently 34 years old and I’ve just been diagnosed with not one, but two autoimmune diseases.  Writing has always been extremely therapeutic to me.  It has also been very private and personal to me as well.  I’m really stepping out of my comfort zone to share my journey, struggles and stories along the way.

I was born in Southern California in the 80’s.  I lived a quiet childhood in a small town.  I spent 22 years in the Mojave Desert and got the heck out of there as fast as I could!  I met my husband in 2006 and relocated our family to Las Vegas, Nevada (different state, same desert).  In 2017 we relocated our family to Florida, so that I could be closer to all of my siblings and my mother.  I spent many years across the country from my family and have been so glad to reunite with them.

I have a rather shy personality, but once you get to know me I grow on you.  I’m a bit quirky and eccentric and have beliefs unlike anybody else.  I’m a strong willed, independent and sometimes hard-headed woman.  People don’t always agree with me and that’s always been fine by me.


IMG_20180130_131505_552.jpgI am a loving wife and mother to three beautiful children who are my whole world.  I have one daughter and two sons.  They are my rocks and my support on this new autoimmune journey that has just begun.  My husband is my biggest fan and strongest supporter.  We’ve been to Hell and back together and at this point I’m convinced that nothing could ever make him leave me.

At this point in my disease, I still work full-time and plan to continue to do so for as long as I can.  I’ve had to switch my schedule a bit and let go of my second job.  It was getting to be too much for my body.  I work for my mother at a Subway shop so I have a lot of leniency in what is required of me.  I’m just living a normal life like many of you out there.  I raise my family, I go to work, I pay my bills.  I just happen to have chronic illness as an obstacle.  I laugh, I cry, I celebrate, and I live the best life that I can given my current medical conditions.

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